Sunday, October 23, 2016

Land of Vino

Don't be fooled. Judging a wine by its "leg" or tears (as the French call it) does nothing more than tell how much alcohol is in the wine. It is not a way to judge the "quality" of a wine. Alcohol evaporates quicker than water, leaving the water to "drool" down the side of the glass... Yes, rather than call it Leg, I say we call it drool... So, better drool (leg) or tears, simply means the wine is rich in alcohol. Not having tested or investigated, but I would say Moonshine has a better drool than most wines. Just a tip so you don't make a fool of yourself.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Different potatoes

How many potatoes? That would depend on how hungry you are or how many you are feeding. Peel and cube potatoes... How much olive oil? depends on how many potatoes... enough to coat all the cubes...In a separate bowl, mix olive oil, salt, basil, cayenne pepper maybe some thyme and garlic, mix it up and have some fun with this tossing a salad, coat the cubes.  I do this on my cookie sheet with foil, any baking dish will work, in oven preheated to 350* spread the potato evenly across the baking sheet,  cook for about 20 minutes... Roasted potatoes...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

      At first I thought the chicken plan was a fail. The plan being first meal would be roasted with stuffing and that part was a definite win. Possibly the best I have done to date. The meat just fell off the cacase. Which was step 2 of the plan; use the carcase to make chicken stock (hoping there would be some meat left). So as it turns out there is plenty of meat left on so my chicken soup endeavor is on for this evening.