Sunday, April 20, 2014

Truly, how do you loaf meat?

     No... really, I never intended to be considered the "cook" guy you automatically turn to for advice. As a
matter of fact this Cooking 101 is a learning experience to for me as well. I have run into a brick wall so to speak; getting my meatloaf to "loaf". Not enough bread crumbs? Can a meatloaf be over "loafed"? This last venture in meatloafing; which is now underway; recipe did not call for bread crumbs at all. Was in a Mediterranean style with couscous, and red bell pepper. Wondering if the author forgot to include bread crumbs or if they are replaced by the couscous.  We will see, of course the text is being texted while the meat is being loafed; therefore giving me a break on the timing. I will of course come through with pictures and descriptions after the meat has loafed. My apartment is very warm and smells great so I am left with a good feeling of the taste, is the loafing that is in question still. Not to kill the subject, I did read once of French Meatloaf, Italian meatloaf and of course there is the musician Meatloaf. Great add to the script of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Ironic as he was dinner in the end...
     So Meatloaf is the question tonight